Day Trip Out – Stockholm, Larsen and Salander

Tourist numbers rise in Stockholm as thousands flock to follow the Stieg Larsen, Millennium Trilogy tours. 

Mellqvist Bar - image Kirsty Komuso, Flickr

For many years film induced tourism has been a popular way to travel. Fans of particular movies have taken holidays in certain locations with the intention of standing on the streets where their heroes walked. How many people have been on a vacation to Turin to see the locations of the “Italian Job,” or travelled around the world to have a photo taken on a Bond set.

Film induced tourism is big business and has had thousands of people touring the British countryside visiting Harry Potter sites, while New Zealand has a constant stream of “Lord of the Rings” fans. Stockholm is the latest to see an unexpected rise in visitors as people arrive to visit the scenes of Steig Larsen’s hit novels that make up the Millennium Trilogy.

Millennium Offices - image Kirsty Komuso, Flickr

Stockholm is comprised of 14 islands and much of the action in Larsen’s books is based around the streets where he actually lived on the island of Sondermalm. This is where you will find Salander’s apartments at Lundgatan and her luxury penthouse suite in Fiskgatan 9. Not far from here visitors can find Blomkvist’s flat at Bellmansgatan 1.

The Sondermalm Island is also the location for the Millennium Offices on Gotgatan and just down the road is the 7 Eleven where Salander bought her Billy Pan Pizzas. Two other iconic places in the stories are the Pub Kvarnen on Tjarhovsgatan where the Evil Fingers play their gigs and the KaffeBar Café in Hornsgatan, now known as Mellqvist’s, once a popular haunt for both Larsen and his fictional character Blomkvist.

Hard core fans might wish to travel a little further to see other special places like Blomqvist’s cottage at Sandhamn, shop like Salander in the world’s largest IKEA at Kurgens Kurva or visit the quaint village of Gnesta, 45 miles south of Stockholm. Gnesta doubles as the completely fictional village of Hedestad in the Swedish films.

Blomkvist's Apartment - image Kirsty Komuso, Flickr

The Stockholm Museum has caught on to the idea and now runs organised walking tours around the city visiting the sites mentioned in the books, you can also buy a tour guide to follow yourself and the Stieg Larsen website also details many of the locations used in the novels.

Whether you are a fan of Stieg Larsen’s books or not, Stockholm does make for an enjoyable holiday. Stockholm has gorgeous views across the islands, tasty restaurants serving traditional Swedish food and plenty of picturesque scenery of which you can take pictures. Millennium trilogy aside it’s a trip worth making.


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