Painting The Hill Town Red


After weeks of promising to begin painting and now that the weather has changed I have finally got things started. I have been meaning to create a series of stylised images of the wonderful variety of hill towns we have here about.


La Verna



Tiny hamlets, monasteries, castles and abandoned farms all cling precariously to the hill slopes and the people miraculously eek out a living, as they have for thousands of years.

The sheer variety of locations makes painting and drawing in Umbria and Tuscany such a pleasure, there is always a new village nesteling in the next valley or wonderful medieval church sitting proudly on top of the next hill. So here is the start to my hill top village series.  Enjoy.

Lake Trasimeno
                         San Gimignano                                Gubbio
All paintings are on heavy cartridge paper, in water soluable pencil and ink and measure around  85mm x 130mm.
For Further information please feel free to contact Travelling Content at:-

8 responses to “Painting The Hill Town Red

  1. These are so fun. I love them. I saw this on IR and ran right over. Will have to have a good look round.

    • Hi Marla, thanks for that, I am glad you like them. I have been meaning to draw then for ages and now can’t stop myself. I will have to post some more if people like them once the series has grown a little more.

  2. I have been to these towns and enjoy these interpretations!

  3. Patricia O'Neill

    Hi Neal,
    I love this painting of Assisi because it has the wee San Damiano Church at the bottom of the hill in it. Is this available to purchase?

  4. Patricia O'Neill

    Thanks Neal,
    I’ll keep a look out for the large one you’re working on, I like the sound of it!

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