When Does Camping become Glamping?

The latest craze in camping fun is the attractive activity of glamping, camping with glamour. However, when does the  back to nature and living on the edge, take on an air of luxury and elegance?

Much has been made of the up scaled version of slumming it under canvas but to truly be considered a glampsite there are certain necessaries with which you must provided. Otherwise it’s just camping without erecting your tent.

A bona fide glampsite must first have spacious canvas constructions; yurts, tepees or massive tented safari lodges seemingly fit the bill. They have to be large enough to comfortably stand up in and easily move around. There should be no crawling over sleeping bags or having to push your rucksack into the corner. Ideally they will also be mounted on a wooden platform that extends to give its guests their own private verandah. This will help too protect you from the worst of any mud or rain.

Stylish Camping

Furnishings too should be at a luxurious premium. No inflatable beds and plastic patio sets, this is glamour camping. Any self-respecting glampsite should offer guests a proper sturdy wooden or cast iron bedstead, there should be wardrobes and side tables and a couple of comfy lounge chairs. Otherwise you may as well rough it with the rest of them.

Elegant Camping

All quality glampsite feature a log burning stove, providing heat, and somewhere to boil up a cuppa. Often there is a BBQ pit outside, this is great for the boys to play fire but for internal style there has to be a fitted stove. Buckets of water and large plastic water containers are also out; you need a functioning kitchen under canvas, a nice sink with draws and cupboards to store your utensils and supplies.

Glamorous Camping

Although shower blocks have come along in leaps and bounds, a glamper should expect an on-suite shower and flushing toilet. There’s no glamour in communal ablutions. A modern yurt or tepee should also be tastefully decorated with rugs and mats, cushions and wall hangings or pictures. Just because you are staying in a field, doesn’t mean you have to live like a caveman.


Now if the site you choose to visit isn’t offering these modest requirements then surely it’s just 3-star camping, for it to be glamping you need a little extra. Any site description that has a chandelier, flushing toilet and running water, now that is real camping in style.

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