Asian restaurants in Barcelona

When you go to Barcelona you will find a lot of tapas restaurants. In every street there are more than one. Sometimes you may like to eat something else. In Barcelona there also live a lot of Asian people, therefore you can also find Asian restaurants in Barcelona. There are less of these then tapas bars.  When I say Asian restaurants, you have to think of sushi, noodles, rise, chicken teriyaki and more. The term Asian food is a general term for: Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Korean cuisine, Filipino cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Singaporean cuisine, Indonesian cuisine and Malaysian cuisine. This means that Chinese and Indian cuisines are excluded from this term. If you are planning to go to Barcelona, check the list below where you can find good Asian restaurants. Enjoy your dinner.

This restaurant has a few outlets in Barcelona, where you can get mainly noodles. Of course you can also eat here rice and other things, but if you like noodles you should go and try this restaurant. Most are located in the ´Eixample´ district. They also have a very nice interior, every restaurants looks almost the same. The locations where you can find them are: Princesa 23, Consell de cent 323, Avda diagonal (in shopping mall L´illa), Tallers 69, Avda diagonal 208, Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 545-577 and Avda diagonal 3-35. Most of them are located in the centre, so if you went shopping you can have a nice dinner there.

Sushi Express:
Here you can get all kinds of sushi. If you like sushi this will feel like you are in heaven. You can eat it in the restaurant, but you can also take it away. If you call them, they will deliver it at your house or even hotel. They also arrange catering service. So if you have a party or something else and you want sushi, they can arrange this. They use the best ingredients; therefore it’s not very cheap. You can find sushi express at Consell de cent 255. They are open 365 days a year.

This restaurant is again something different, but also an Asian restaurant. The food you get here is more Vietnamese (as the name suggests). The prices here are much lower than in the other two restaurants. Every country has at least one signature dish. Vietnam´s dish is ´pho´. This is a noodle soup. If you like soup I would definitely recommend this. Here they also provide a catering service. Check their site for more information.  

Enjoy your stay in Barcelona, because it´s a great city. Are you looking for vacation apartments in Barcelona or accommodation in Barcelona, you can find them on the Internet.

This article was written by Silvie, a travel writer and blogger for

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